March 19th, 2009

Gelsenkirchen has just been confirmed :-)

  confirmed on the official Schalke04 website, also on


Gelsenkirchen concert confirmed; German ticketing details

Good news for German fans - after ten days of uncertainty, the Gelsenkirchen concert on
3 August 2009 has been confirmed by the promoter. The show was initially included in the itinerary posted by, and then quietly taken down a few hours later.

In addition, the ticket general sale date has been announced for both Gelsenkirchen and the other 360° Tour show in Germany,
18 July 2009 in Berlin. Sales will begin on Friday, 27 March from

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Tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Hey, I'm planning on buying tickets for the concert in London and I've got a few very important questions. I'm sorry I'm opening a new post for this but I'm very nervous and I've got to know these things!

1) When does the tickets' sale start?

2) What is the zone time of or Ticketmaster or Live Nation? According to which country are they doing the sale? I've got to know this because of the time difference. If the sale is on London time I've to be on the computer two hours earlier and etc.

3) How much do I need to pay to get the closest tickets to the stage? I mean standing in front of the stage, being able to get to the first line and touch Bono's hand... Are these the 85 euro tickets? Are these the 55 euro tickets? I don't really care how much I pay, I just don't want to buy the 85 euro tickets and discover that I've got a high sir, far from the stage.

Please answer on my questions; this is very important to me! I'm a nervous rack right now, lol. (:



A little request

All this pictures of Bono wearing guyliner keeps reminding me of MacPhisto and the Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me video, so I decided to get an icon with an image from it and I was going to look it up at Bono online when I find out the website doesn't exist anymore :O :(

I googled to see if I found any images from the video, but didn't have much luck, so I was wondering if any of you guys have got any stills from the video, especially the bits with MacPhisto and that MacPhisto logo thingy.

Thanks already!
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Enid (my alter ego)

Tickets for Norman, OK?

Hello U2 fans..

I've been a fan since I was seven years old and I'm 30 now. U2 hasn't been to Oklahoma since the early 80's on tour, but now I will finally get to see them in my local hometown of Norman. I am thrilled!

Anyways, I have been looking online searching to see when tickets go on sale for the date of october 19th and I have yet to find anything. Do any of you know when they go on sale?
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