March 20th, 2009

General Admission Tickets

Okay U2 fans with vaster knowledge than my own, I bought two 55 quid tickets to see u2 today *I'm keeping my explosive excitement to a barely contained minimum*, and they are general admission.

My question is, what does that mean? Some people have told me its on the field, and the closer you get to the stage depends on a lottery and first come first served. Thats fine, so long as I'm in the stadium but I'm curious because my order info has both seat numbers a section of a stand.

I specifically bought general admission standing tickets, so why do I have a stand and seat no? Any help?
Massive Heed Bono


Shameless community plug... anyone who lives in the UK, or is planning to attend the London / Glasgow / Sheffield / Cardiff shows this summer, you may be interested in joining u2uk! The more the merrier. :)

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 I'm sure there are plenty of others in my camp, but I just had to mention that thanks to the smooth pre-sale deals, I have my G.A. tickets for both shows in Dublin, Ireland!  I'm so so excited!  And I'm just a guy who grew up in Northern California who now lives in Hollywood, California.  I've never even been outside of America, save for a few hours in Canada about nine years ago.  To have my first trip outside of North America be Dublin, Ireland to see my absolute favorite band of all-time, this is simply going to be Heaven.  I hope everyone else has similar luck with getting their tickets as I did.  Just curious, does anyone else here have similar Dublin tickets?