March 25th, 2009


Got my tickets :)

So I must say as a Breathe member everything went great. I went on right at 7:00 no issues with the site, put in my request (2 general admission tickets for NY) waited about 3 minutes in the little que and got the tickets. Now back to sleep (west coast time)


I am so unhappy right now. The GA tickets were already sold out for the NYC show by the time the Boots presale came around. So now I have 4 seated tickets in the Mezzanine. That isn't bad, I guess, but this was going to be my first U2 concert and I've been looking forward to it for years.

Do any of you know whether I can get GA tickets later somehow? How would I find them? Any advice would be super-appreciated.

Of course, if anyone on here wants to swap tickets or has GA tickets that they no longer want, I'm perfectly willing to work something out.
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