March 26th, 2009 has now opened pre-sale for German shows

tickets for the two German concerts in Berlin (July 18) and Gelsenkirchen (Aug 03) are right now available as pre-sale on is the official site for U2 tickets for the German shows. They just opened the pre-sale option. If you want tickets, it's now your chance to get a hand on them.

you do not need any pre-sale code from -- all they charge is a 5 Euro extra for each ticket. It's as easy as it can be, and for everyone who does not have a code or has used theirs already, this is the one and only chance to get face value tickets before they are gone within minutes during the public sale tomorrow :-) I just got my 2 GA tickets for Berlin, and life is perfect now :-D

click here to get to the pre-sale on

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All right everyone. I got stuck with Level 400 tickets for the Chicago show (I'm still going to see if I can get GA tickets during the general sale, but I'm not too hopeful at the moment), but I still have a half-way decent view of the stage.

My question is, can I take my camera? It has a pretty good zoom, so I would love some pictures of the boys from my first U2 concert experience.
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