March 30th, 2009


Too soon to ask?

Well, today's ticket sale did not go well at all. Everything was gone in 10 seconds. I was going for 2 GA tickets for Chicago, which I did not get. I figure I should press my luck and see if anyone managed to snag a couple extra in the pre-sale and wanted to sell them to me? *bats eyelashes*

And I didn't just crawl out of the woodwork to beg tickets, I've been a good, active member of this comm since 2005, so I deserve a break, right? =P

Yes! Giants Stadium Tickets!

I am so excited right now that I got tickets for the Giants Stadium show, for a while I was worried I wasn't going to because the ticket search was taking forever, but in the end I managed to grab a pair in section 339 for my sister and I.  We are both so excited to see U2 for the first time. Anyone else get tickets today?

Edit: I just saw that they have added second dates for Boston and New York, presale is Tues-Thurs, with public tickets going on-sale April 6. I know a lot of people couldn't get tickets for the first shows, so good luck to everyone trying for the second.
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Six more North American Dates!

Just found at

Dates are now confirmed for six more shows in the US and Canada. Presales for our subscribers open tomorrow, Tuesday.

The latest confirmed dates are: Washington, DC (September 29th); Charlottesville, VA (October 1st); Atlanta, GA (October 6th), Tampa, FL (October 9th), Los Angeles, CA (October 25th) and Vancouver BC (October 28th).

We'll be emailing our subscribers with details of the presales later today.

EDIT// Boston also got a 2nd show on September 21 aswell as New York for the 25th!


As people have already noted, the general sale today was a bit of a disaster. I must have been one of the first people with access because I had an approximately 30-second wait the first time I hit search. But the GAs were already gone and every consequent search kept me waiting at least 10 minutes. From the rumblings over on Zootopia, it seems entirely possible that there weren’t any (or many) GA tickets available in the general sale after all. Sucks, but I guess that’s how it goes.

So dear U2 fans, please help me with strategy, if you will. I’m sure there are several people out there trying to figure out how best to get the tickets they want, so this might be generally helpful. Which of the following options do you think is best?

1. Try again for GA tickets at the general sale for the second NY show
Pros: Reasonably priced tickets if you can get them
Cons: Can you get them?

2. Get another subscription and so receive another pre-sale code
Pros: Better chances since most people will be in the Boots category; $50 is likely going to be less money than whatever one pays to scalpers
Cons: Another $50 to the fan club for similar iffy chances

3. Give in to the many unfairnesses of the system and just pay $150 for a ticket on eBay.
Pros: Easy
Cons: Expensive; participation in a completely ridiculous re-selling process

4. Wait it out and hope that tickets get cheaper/more easily available closer to the date of the show.
Pros: Cheaper, less participation in morally bankrupt scalping system
Cons: Potential for great failure; unnecessary stress in the interim

Thoughts? :)
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Seeking Wembley 2 GA

X-posted to u2uk

Don't suppose anyone has a standing ticket for Saturday 15th August (London) going spare? I have several GAs for Friday 14th to trade, or I can write you a cheque or PayPal... I've had no luck finding Saturday GAs yet, so would be very grateful if anyone can help!
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