September 20th, 2009


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How did the Toronto shows go for those who went?

I did a few videos and thought I would share them. Beware the awful quality, I just recorded them on my digital camera.

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If anyone has any pics of videos from either Toronto show I'd love to see them!


I've a friend who's looking for one ticket for 9/23. She needs a seat, can't do GA. She's taking her kids and already has 2 tickets. She's willing to buy a pair of seats if she has to.

Please let me know if you can help her out.

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Selling tickets to NY 9/23

I've got a pair of GA tickets to the Wednesday show at Giants Stadium that will unfortunately not be used anymore. I'm willing to sell them for face value ($70 each) + any shipping charges. If any of you want them, e-mail me at graveflippancy @ gmail . com and we'll work things out.