September 22nd, 2009


Stupid question

At the Chicago concert, they played a song in which the drummer came out with a bongo. On the huge screen, there was a graphic that looked like there was confetti being thrown, so my question is this, what was that song? I saw it briefly on VH1 and then it was gone. I never caught the song name on the music video. :(
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Hey everyone.

I have a GA ticket to the DC show on the 29th and one of my friends does too. She has class until 4:45, so she won't be able to make it until like 6 pm. I'm planning on standing in line way before that, but I was wondering if I'll be able to save her a spot inside, once I go in?

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 This may sound like a strange question, but does anyone know the identity of that song that has been playing as the introduction to the concerts on the tour?  The one that's playing as the band are entering the stage right before they go into Breathe?