October 17th, 2009

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weve added a third. now the roommate wants to go... so were on the hunt for THREE tickets for the Los Angeles Rose Bowl show...

the reasoning:
--i have a job now and i couldnt fly to my hometown to see them on my birthday last week in houston. plus theyre my favorite band, naturally
--shes turning 30 on tuesday and would like to go
--roommie has only a few bands hes ever wanted to see and didnt know they were playing... (and let him know if robbie williams ever tours as well)

does anybody have an extra TWO tickets for the Los Angeles,Pasadena show on October 25? it feel it best to think of my lady as well. ( it is her 30th birthday on tuesday so as much as id love to be on the floor solo, i must procure some seats, cause well, she's a short one and it would be a great surprise)

i recently started a new job and am finally able to afford a ticket..well, not most of the higher priced ones, but anything to get us inside the stadium.

so i am now on the hunt for two tickets. thanks!
tom hardy

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I'm a new U2 fan. Went to Raleigh and Tampa for Muse and because my sister has been a U2 fan for as long as I can remember. She took me to the popmart tour and I remember loving it.
It was really hard for me to admit to her I loved every minute of it. I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Also the fans at Raleigh in the GA line were some of the nicest fans I've ever encountered. We are looking forward to the next tour!
I've added some of the photos we took.

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