November 13th, 2009

Love and Faith and Sex and Fear
  • wydok

Any advice for this tour?

Got GA tickets this morning for Philadelphia (w00t!)

My wife and I were at the 2nd Philadelphia show during the Vertigo tour, and I'm not sure how different of an experience it is going to be this time. During Vertigo, the "bomb shelter" was on a lottery system, and we showed up 15 hours in advance to get in line. We were in the "non fan club" line, and were in the single digit range in line.

As far as I know, this tour has a first-come, first-served system for the inner circle. Is that correct? Up to this point, have there be two lines again (fan club and non fan club), or have they been doing one line? How far in advance would we need to get there if we wanted in the inner circle?
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