April 6th, 2010

Massive Heed Bono

Song Of The Day

Come on now, where are all the SOTD enthusiasts hiding? I like seeing a mix of people writing them, it's better than just my own ramblings all the time! Surely someone must like the NLOTH tracks enough to write something about their virtues? Hell, you can even do a hatchet job on them if you prefer - anything to get a discussion going. :p

In the meantime I shall say a few words about one of my favourite remixes:

Mysterious Ways (Solar Plexus Extended Club Mix)

Oh '90s U2, how many awesome remixes you gave us. They were so much better than most of the lame ones we get nowadays (Crazy Tonight being an obvious recent exception). This is one of the less dancey tracks, but I think it's lovely.

Collapse )

Any thoughts? Thumbs up, thumbs down, preference for another remix?