June 18th, 2010


Song Of The Day

Not many comments on Silver And Gold last week... come on guys, I want to know what you think of these songs! Remember the good old days when we actually talked about the music on here? I miss that. :(

Let's mix it up with something from the '90s...

Salomé (Zooromancer Remix)

The original version of Salomé (described by Niall Stokes as "blistering R'n'B") had been a B-side to 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' in June 1992. This dance remix was released a couple of months later as a B-side to 'Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses' (on the limited edition alternative single, which I've never come across in the shops). It later showed up on Melon: Remixes for Propaganda, the compilation CD given away to members of the fan club in spring 1995. And there's an edited version (over 2 minutes shorter) on The Best Of 1990-2000. It's a sexy song about feminine wiles, and where the earlier version is playful, the latter is even more hungry and hypnotic.

Collapse )

So do you like it, or do you prefer the original? (Alternatively you can even listen to it backwards, though I'm not sure why you'd want to!)