February 13th, 2011


Remembering Rowan

I'm not sure how many people here were acquainted with thrennion (formerly hippyjolteon), but to those who did know her, I'm sorry to say that she died suddenly this week. She was an amazing, creative, lovely person and this news has come as a terrible shock to everyone.

I really valued Rowan's enthusiastic contributions to the U2 community, including this thread about how she fell in love with the band, and her Song Of The Day post about Unknown Caller last year. She was so passionate about all of her fandoms, especially this one. She had synaesthesia and I remember her talking about seeing different colours in the songs, which really seemed to enhance the listening experience for her. She was, like me, a huge MacPhisto fan. She was absolutely thrilled to see U2 live in London on the Vertigo and 360° tours - I was at the same awesome shows, but sadly I never got the chance to meet her in person. She was so looking forward to the new album this year, I can't believe she'll never get to hear it now.

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know if they hadn't already heard, and to express my appreciation of a wonderful friend and fellow U2 fan. She'll be greatly missed.

Gonna post a video of 'Stay' from Wembley, because she loved this song and was so happy they played it that night.