February 17th, 2011

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NYC Spider-Man Review (sorry it took a month to write it)

Getting to the New Yorker hotel around 10am was nice. I got to my room nice and early to unpack and then start on my first day of reexploring the city after being gone for almost 3 years. Got unpacked and went back outside in the dealthy cold new york air. I was on count down for Spiderman Turn off the Dark. It was so cold that my hands were in pain. I walked up to times square first. With a big smile on my face getting closer and closer to it. The cold air did not stop me. As I reached times square I saw all ther lights and it was such a wonderful site. Went to the Disney Store (not as nice as disney world!) Went to toys r us! I want to be a toys r us kid!!!!! I just walked all over times square. I stopped into starbucks to get something warm and while standing inline this cop was enjoying him self because frank sinatra was on and he said i feel better now. Only in NY! See I had forgotten my journal this time so I could not write things in detail but the details i want to try to remember to write about is my Spider-Man show.....
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