December 10th, 2011

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u2 special

So I was in best buy looking around I tend to go near the music since i have a projector to screen movies and concerts on and I come across the dvd/blu rays and i am looking and I see Achtung Baby listed as $14.99 but its empty. I say they must have sold out and I look closer Achtung Baby (Super Deluxe Edition) [Box Set] $14.99 and I went over to the box sets and picked up the box set copy price listed at $139.99. Went back to the sticker and looked once more Achtung Baby (Super Deluxe Edition) [Box Set] $14.99 reg listed $139.99. In shock I find someone to see if they see what I see. They do. Go to the checkout it rings up full price. Tell them about the sticker I walk with them to show them. Long story short got the super box set for $16.09! that will be tucked away for my birthday gift.