kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,

U218: why?

So, what's the point of the new collection? Why on earth do we need another 'best of' which, ironically, omits many of their bests, when we have the superior 1980-1990 and 1990-2000 CDs? I know really it's all to do with record labels and doing whatever albums and so on... but I wish they hadn't. We can all get the new track online and the Green Day one isn't exactly 'must have' when they didn't even bother putting Discotheque or The Fly onto the album. It's not even representative of their skill. It takes the most well-known U2 songs that everyone on the planet has already and puts them in a weird running order that's just pointless when you can buy a cheap copy of any of their past albums if you want to.

It's not cause I don't love them - I do. I just don't see what this album is for. Or who it is for. Except perhaps the odd randomer who might be too scared to delve into the wonders of Pop and decide that Beautiful Day is enough for them.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to disagree, I need an excuse to buy the thing and not feel like a useless fan, lol! :)

EDIT: Well, I was in town yesterday and guess what? I bought it! Of course I bought it! I had to, for the Milan stuff which due to my crappy computer, I cannot download. I think this has been interesting though to read, like everyone's different views about the band. I'll probably never choose to put this CD on when I have the rest of the U2 back catalogue to choose from, but who knows, perhaps the fancy will take me to rifle through a few songs. ;) No matter what, though, I think it's criminal they haven't even included anything from Boy.
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