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We've always known that U2 are the most amazing band on the planet, but what exactly makes them so damn perfect? Coincidentally I was just talking to a friend about this yesterday. We both agreed that all four members bring something so unique and different to the table, and together they just make magic.

That's why last night, I was absolutely blown away when my sister came to me with a paper from her literature class. On it were the 4 "humors" or "personalities" according to Elizabethan theology. It seemed to describe EXACTLY why U2 is so amazing...

According to Elizabethan Psychology, the IDEAL STATE occurs when all 4 humors (personalities) are in proper proportion to the others.

As I read through each of them, I was instantly shocked to realize just how perfectly each description described EVERY member of U2.

You have The Talker, The Thinker, The Doer, and The Watcher. Does that NOT describe all of them to a T??? I'm still thoroghly freaked out by this as I sit typing this, I just can't get over how insane this is. Take a look for yourself...

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Popular Personality
"The Talker"

Appealing personality
Talkative, storyteller
Life of the party
Good sense of humor
Memory of color
Physically holds onto listener
Emotional & demonstrative
Enthusiastic and expressive
Cheerful & bubbling over
Good on stage
Wide-eyed & innocent
Lives in the present
Changable disposition
Sincere at heart
Always a child

As a parent
Makes home fun
Is liked by children's friends
Turns disaster into humor
Is the circus master

At work
Volunteers for jobs
Thinks up new activities
Looks great on the surface
Creative and colorful
Has energy & enthusiasm
Starts in a flashy way
Inspires others to join
Charms others to work

As a friend
Makes friends easily
Loves people
Thrives on compliments
Seems exciting
Envied by others
Doesn't hold grudges
Apologizes quickly
Prevents dull moments
Likes spontaneous activities

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Perfect Personality
"The Thinker"

Deep & thoughtful
Serious & purposeful
Genius prone
Talented & creative
Artistic or musical
Philisophical & poetic
Appreciative of beauty
Sensitive to others

As a parent
Sets high standards
Wants everything done right
Keeps home in good order
Picks up after children
Sacrifices own will for others
Encourages scholarship & talent

At work
Schedule oriented
Perfectionist, high standards
Detail concious
Persistant & thorough
Orderly & organized
Neat & tidy
Sees the problems
Finds creative solutions
Needs to finish what is started
Likes charts, graphs, figures, lists

As a friend
Makes friends cautiously
Content to stay in the background
Avoids causing attention
Faithful & devoted
Will listen to complaints
CAn solve others problems
Deep concern for other people
Moved to tears with compassion
Seeks ideal mate

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Powerful Personality
"The Doer"

Born leader
Dynamic and active
Compulsive & need for change
Must correct wrongs
Strong willed & decisive
Not easily discouraged
Independent & self-sufficient
Exudes confidence
Can run anything

As a parent
Exerts sound leadership
Establishes goals
Motivates family to action
Knows the right answer
Organizes household

At work
Goal oriented
Sees the whole picture
Organizes well
Seeks practical solutions
Moves quickly to action
Delegates work
Insists on production
Makes the goal
Stimulates activity
Thrives on opposition

As a friend
Has little need for friends
Will work for group activity
Will lead & organize
Is usually right
Excels in emergencies

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Peaceful Personality
"The Watcher"

Low-key personality
Easy-going and relaxed
Calm, cool, & collected
Patient, well balanced
Consistent life
Quiet but witty
Sympathetic and kind
Keeps emotions hidden
Happily reconciled to life
All-purpose person

As a parent
Makes a good parent
Takes time for children
Is not in a hurry
Can take the good with the bad
Doesn't get upset easily

At work
Competent & steady
Peaceful and agreeable
Has administrative ability
Mediates problems
Avoids conflicts
Good under pressure
Finds the easy way

As a friend
Easy to get along with
Pleasant and enjoyable
Good listener
Dry sense of humor
Enjoys watching people
Has many friends
Has compassion and concern

I had to stop a few times and just shake my head as I read through those. They almost PERFECTLY describe each one of them.

Does that not freak you the hell OUT? Maybe it's just me, but damn... now we have proof according to ancient theology that U2 is, infact, perfect.

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