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I just wanted to do a picture of my Edge, who has an ass.

Larry seems like the one who would be bothered by typos.

Ahhhh! It's the return of Mr. Rubin! I love making Lil Edge look disconcerted.

Inspired by a story from Willie's tour diary, I put a praying mantis on Edge's head. And I'm probably going to do it again.

This studio drawing was really hard. What you're seeing here is about twice the size of the original, so I had to draw them really small. Note Bono's jacket holding.

I really loved drawing the young versions of them from the book cover. One of my favorites from this month.

Man, these crowded long pictures are always a nightmare. Bono is way too big, but I decided to keep him like that. Check out Edge's strange Joshua Tree shirt. I wanted to be accurate with the things they wore this month, and I even made a chart of all the characters and what they wore to the different events, with a special area tracking the changing colors of Bono's sunglasses. Because that's the kind of person I am.

Better view of the JT shirt.

This is my other favorite. In the cartoon, a Bono thought balloon says, "Viper." The uncensored version says, "Die, you goddamn viper." By abandoning Bono, Edge is committing an act of high treason. Drawing the dagger gave me an obscene amount of satisfaction.

It's really hard for me to create depth in my cartoons, but I've got to say I was pleased that I was able to get a background, middleground, and foreground in this one.

Thanks for your patience, everybody who was waiting for this. I've been really busy at work this semester, and it took a LONG time to put this together--you have no idea.
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