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Okay, so my friend got this fancy new cell phone, and asked me to help her make clips of songs to use as ringtones. I of course, went straight for the U2 songs. I figured I'd upload them here, in case anyone wanted them.

Don't ask me how to use them on your phone, because I'm not that tech savvy. I still use a phone that plugs into the wall ;P All I know is that these are short (20 to 47 seconds long each) mp3 clips of U2 songs.

Out of Control guitar solo

The Electric Co. (UABRS version) intro

Even Better Than The Real Thing guitar solo

Until the End of the World guitar solo

The Fly guitar solo

Mysterious Ways guitar solo (with short vocals at the beginning)

Last Night on Earth chorus

Vertigo intro

Vertigo chorus

Vertigo intro, first verse, and chorus (iPod commercial version)

She actually requested Vertigo, which is why there are three different clips for that song. The quality on that last one is not all that great, due to the less-than-ideal quality of the source file.
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