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I'm painting and I need some help!!

Hello fellow U2 fans!

I'm doing 2 Joshua Tree-inspired paintings for my 2 sisters for Christmas, and on one, I have some lyrics from "In God's Country", but the other one needs some help!

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any (or has a favorite) quotes from the JT-era that might fit with a painting of the joshua tree/desert.

So far, I've found this one:
"The desert is fascinating to me...It's wide open space for music."

A little background info- my sisters and are all massive U2 fans and also fans of good ol' music in general. Our mom lives in Arizona, but we're from the midwest.

If anyone can help or can even think of a lyric that might look good on this painting, I'd really appreciate the help as the holidays are quickly approaching!!
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