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WOWY... arousing?

Saw this on Teletext:

Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing has been named the most sexually arousing song.

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic said music's rhythm, beat, loudness and complexity were important, but lyrics were most vital in determining arousal.

With Or Without You was runner-up, with Je T'Aime in third. The highest-placed song from this decade in the Yahoo! Music survey of 2,000 people was Kylie's Slow, followed by SexyBack.

...Is it just me, or does WOWY stick out like a sore thumb in that list?!  It's a beautiful song, and god knows I love certain performances of it, but I would never think of it as being a "sexy" song. It's supposed to break your heart, not turn you on!

EDIT: The Top 10 is here. I still think WOWY is the only song in the list that really doesn't fit!
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