Annie (canadanne) wrote in u2,

U2 LJ Community Awards 2006: nominations ***final reminder***

Thank you so much to those of you who have been submitting nominations for the U2LJ Awards (I like the suggested nickname of "The Edgies" - but is it an Edgy or an Edgie?!). You've come up with a bunch of things I'd totally forgotten about, and I've been giggling away at some of them!

If anyone's got last-minute nominations to get in, you'd better hurry as I'm hoping to get the shortlists posted in a day or two, so you can start voting over the weekend. In particular, I should probably draw your attention to the fact that certain band members have NOT yet been nominated for Best Looking or Band Member of the Year, so if you don't want your favourite U2er to miss out on the chance to win an award, you'd better make sure you show them some love ASAP!

This way to the super-secret nominating booth > > > HERE!
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