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Can *YOU* ID this song?

Perhaps someone can help me find out what the name of this song and band is. So far I've asked hundreds of people and not ONE person has any clue as to who this is.

Someone out there has to know!!

Here's the story: When I was 12 years old I was starting to seriously get into music, and I'd record songs off the radio on cassette. It was also the time I "discovered" U2 so being the new fan that I was, anytime they'd play U2 on the radio I'd be sure to record it on my cassette. This was in 1992 or 1993.

One afternoon I turned on the radio and they were playing (what I thought was) a U2 song. The song was almost over but I decided to record it anyway. Unfortunately the DJ never did say who the band was, but I assumed it was U2 at the time. Once I became more familiar with U2 I knew it wasn't one of their songs because I had listened to all of their albums and I was familiar with all of their B-sides, and none of them ever matched the song I had recorded.

I've asked this question to several DJ's I know - both radio and club DJ's... none have figured out the song. I've asked this on several newsgroups -,,,, Interference, etc... no one can figure out who it is, but they all agree it sounds vaguely familiar.

So perhaps YOU might know what this song is. It's not that it's a particularly *great* song... but this unknown song has been bothering me for a few years now (try 9!), and I know several people who want to know the identity behind this song too.

During the chorus the singer sounds like Bono, and the guitarist sounds like Edge. Even the bass player sounds a tiny bit like Adam. It's very strange. This isn't U2 (and the music isn't U2's style...), but then who is this?

I have three 60 second clips of the song on my website. Keep in mind they were recorded off a crappy local radio station in 1993. The sound quality is terrible but if you turn it up and listen to the entire thing you can hear it alright. It's a bit staticky - please give them a listen. You too will probably be stumped and will be left guessing who these U2-soundalikes are! - Verse - Chorus* - ending of the song

*This is the part that really sounds like U2...

Any idea? If not, this is definitely one for the X-Files!!

p.s. - if the songs aren't working, it just means my server is temporarily down.
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