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U2 LJ Community Awards 2006: vote now!

It's votin' time! :D

Click on the cut tag to find out who's been nominated for what in the second annual U2 LJ Community Awards. As they used to say in the lottery adverts - IT COULD BE YOU!


Newbie of the Year
A member who has joined u2 within the last year or so and has wasted no time in making their presence felt!

Here are your nominees for the community's favourite newcomer...

Veteran of the Year
An established member of the community who's practically part of the furniture!

This year's nominees are...

Website of the Year
Your favourite U2-related website, whether official or unofficial. misses out on a place for the second year running! You nominated...

LJ Community of the Year
Best U2-related community on LiveJournal.

Your favourite LJ hangouts are...

Concept of the Year
Anything that's captured your imagination within the U2 universe this year.

This year's "yay"-inducing things have been...
  • Adam gets engaged
  • A Day In The Life Of The Edge
  • Bono gets a haircut
  • Larry gets a haircut
  • Music Rising
  • Product RED
  • U2 celebrate their 30th anniversary
  • U2 collaborate with Green Day
  • U2 release their autobiography
  • U2 sweep the board at the Grammy Awards
  • U2 tour outside Europe/USA
  • U2 World Cup voiceovers
  • Willie Williams' tour diary
  • Window In The Skies video(s)
  • ZooTV finally released on DVD

Enormous Thread of the Year
Any post in this community that provoked a huge response, whether positive or negative!

The nominees for the most memorable comment frenzy are...

Best Looking U2 Member in 2006
Which member of the band had the best look this year?

I'll be honest, nobody nominated Larry for this award!  Even after he finally yielded to popular demand and euthanised the mullet... have you still not forgiven him for that 'do, Lardence lovers? ;p  But c'mon, it's Christmas, we can't let the poor little drummer boy be left out on his own. He'll be depressed enough already, realising he's no longer the pinup in the band... at least Boy George still wants you, Larry!!
  • Adam Clayton
  • Bono
  • Larry Mullen Jr ;'(
  • The Edge

Quote of the Year (LJ members)
A quote uttered by a member of this community that was especially profound or hilarious.

There have been some great lines spoken (well, typed) in the community this year, and these were your favourites...
  • "A little while ago my mom was asking me about some old friends. Her words were, "So how are the boys?" and my response, being totally serious was, "The U2 boys?""
         ~ aloneinthelight

  • "Bono appears to be having a fit or a seizure or something along those lines ... and the others are just standing around, ignoring him. Nice, fellows, nice."
         ~ axver, on the rare alternate video for 'Pride'

  • "Douglas Adams once said that the game people play where they talk about what time in history they would most like to have lived seemed silly to him because to live any other time would have meant (for him) missing the Beatles (he described his adolesence as 'what was going on while I was trying to listen to The Beatles'). In that vein, I'd just like to say that, but for perhaps having been born a few years earlier so I could have experienced The Joshua Tree Tour and Zoo TV, I wouldn't want to have lived any other time because I wouldn't want to have missed U2."
         ~ thanks4thefish

  • "Has anybody noticed that Edun ONE spells "Eno nude" backwards? :p"
         ~ canadanne

  • "I honestly didn't believe it at first, but then Larry smiled, and it slowly faded back to a frown. At that moment I was like "It IS Larry". Then Bono started acting like a spazzy geek right at the end of the song. We have confirmation."
         ~ kohls_samurai, discovering the video of baby U2 performing 'Street Mission'

  • "One of my favourite stories from being a little kid is me not wanting to sing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" because I couldn't figure out the difference between swearing and being bloodied. I used to sing "Sunday Ruddy Sunday"."
         ~ supacatie

  • "...or they couldn't play it without imagining Larry making out with the Samantha mermaid, which posed problems for timing and stuff."
         ~ rockontheedge speculates on why Electrical Storm hasn't been played live

  • "REJOICE for the Mullen Mullet is GONE! (I guess something good came out of the airline ban on hairgel.)"
         ~ tinamachina

  • "So much so they need a sticker on the cd that warns people they'll look really stupid if they choose it as a wedding song."
         ~ lastrega, on One being the most inappropriate wedding song EVAR!

  • "Who knows, she might have something Bono needs written on her chest. Directions to the nearest pub maybe. Or the words to "One""
         ~ arden_baird, on a tabloid photo of Bono eyeing up a female fan!

Quote of the Year (the band)
A classic quote uttered by a member of U2 this year.

Here are some of the gems we stumbled across in the magazines, books and TV shows we've been enjoying this year...
  • "And Edge, right now, is on fire..."
         ~ Bono in every interview, ever

  • "And I have proof that Edge sleeps watching the Sci-Fi Channel!"
         ~ Bono, invading Edge's bedroom with a camera

  • "And I remember turning on the TV, and going 'Wow!' when we first got to America, 'These people are crazy!'"
         ~ Bono regarding his first impression of America

  • "And then somebody said let's play a Bay City Rollers song, for the laugh, and uh... actually, that was me."
         ~ Bono regarding U2's first show, at Mount Temple

  • "At any given moment one of us is being a wanker, and it's usually probably me."
         ~ Bono

  • "Beautiful eBay!"
         ~ prophetically signed by Larry in some copies of the new book

  • "For a carbon-based life form, this cat can play."
         ~ Bono on The Edge

  • "I feel a lot more comfortable and confident about the fact that I'm not in charge of my own guitar - that some responsible people have that under their care. I left it on the bus more than one occasion. Luckily enough I lived only a mile from the end of the line, so I just would have to wait for the bus to come back, which normally took about 15 minutes. I'd have to climb on, so the conductors got to know me... and actually have it waiting for me!"
         ~ The Edge reminisces about U2's early days

  • "I just couldn't get enough of New York. I didn't want to actually go into the hotel because I'd stop seeing it. My black, fake-fur coat, was turning white with snow as a gentleman pulled up beside me in a car and offered to have sex with me. I ran back into the hotel and told everyone what had happened. They looked at me as if to say, 'What do you expect? You're in a fucking fur coat, you pansy!'"
         ~ Bono regarding his first trip to America

  • "I just thank God it was Edge who lost the CD. Because if it was me, there'd have been murder over it."
         ~ Bono regarding Edge losing the HTDAAB CD

  • "I like to exercise regularly - once, maybe twice every 4 to 8 weeks."
         ~ The Edge

  • "I'm all about the love."
         ~ Bono whilst mingling at the Q awards

  • "So I'm a little concerned. Bono wants me to go and swim out to that boat. And I'm just thinking, I don't know, we've a gig today. It would be a really, really bad thing if I drowned."
         ~ The Edge

  • "Some people think U2 should be hung. All I am saying is that we are, in fact, particularly well hung."
         ~ Bono regarding Adam's nude Achtung Baby sleeve photo

  • "Thank you Sydney!"
         ~ The Edge thanks the crowd in, erm... Melbourne

  • "There is a lot of laughter in U2. Sadly, that rarely comes across. We are like a dysfunctional family, with all the laughter and tears that goes with that. Personalities will not break up U2. Musical differences will not break up U2. We'll break up because somebody squeezed the toothpaste from the wrong end."
         ~ Larry's closing remarks in U2 By U2

  • "What's been in fashion for the last 10 years? I figured out - back then - that in about 25 years that stuff would come back into fashion. I was right. If you watch most of the young rockers at today's event a lot of them will be wearing the very same bell-bottoms that I was wearing. I had a vision of the future."
         ~ Larry defends the flares he wore at the band's first photo shoot

  • "And you invented Britney. Where would she have been without the midriff?"
         ~ Adam comments on Larry's T-shirt at the same photo shoot

  • "You want me to trust you?"
         ~ The Edge to Bono (filming 'A Day In The Life Of The Edge'), in a particularly skeptical tone!

Community Feature of the Year
Any aspect of the u2 community that you've enjoyed, be it a particular discussion/voting feature or something more general!

Your favourite items this year have been...

Most Comical Poster
A member of the community who's really made you laugh this year!

The following have all brightened the community with their humour in the past 12 months...

Expert of the Year
A member of the community who's displayed a particularly impressive knowledge of anything U2-related.

These are the posters you consider to be a mine of U2 information...

Best Userpic
Your favourite U2-related LJ icon.

This year's shortlist is...

Best U2 Icon-Maker
Your favourite creator of U2-related userpics.

There are some really talented U2 fans on LJ, and the following have all dazzled us with their creations in 2006...

Best Username
U2 community member with the best username.

Making it into this year's selection are...

Band Member of the Year
The member of U2 that you feel deserves a special award this year for whatever reason.

There was a distinct lack of nominations for the rhythm section here, but what the hey...
  • Adam Clayton
  • Bono
  • Larry Mullen Jr
  • The Edge
  • The praying mantis at the Brisbane show

Live Song of the Year
Any song that's been performed live by U2 this year (either on the tour or elsewhere) which has blown you away in its latest incarnation.

The standout live songs of 2006 have been...

Performance of the Year
A *specific* performance of a song this year that sticks in your memory.

Here's what you came up with...
  • Bono joins Kylie Minogue for a duet of 'Kids'
  • Bono, The Edge & Pearl Jam ("UJam") at the Make Poverty History concert
  • Kite at Sydney I
  • One Tree Hill at Auckland II
  • U2 & Green Day medley at the Louisiana Superdome
  • Window In The Skies rooftop performance for Japanese TV

Concert of the Year
Your favourite U2 show of 2006.

These are your Vertigo Tour highlights to pick from (click the links for gig summaries at

Fashion Disaster of the Year
The worst crime against fashion committed by a member of U2 in 2006!

Oh dear. ;)  Let's see what the fashion police might be using as evidence this time around...

Post of the Year
A post in this community that was memorably brilliant, moving or funny.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, your shortlist is...

Discussion of the Year
A debate or comment thread in this community that you found enjoyable or thought-provoking.

Here are the threads that got you talking in 2006...

Poster of the Year
The overall most popular member of the community, who in some way has helped to make u2 an enjoyable place to be this year.

And vying for the top prize this time, we have...

Suggested Extra Categories

Two additional categories have been proposed this year (a few of you even had the same idea!), so you can vote in these too - just submit your answers freely, as there's obviously no shortlist to choose from. I'll post a full list of all the answers you give me, along with the overall winner if we get one!
  • Best Public Appearance with U2 or a U2 Member (an award for all those lucky stage guests, collaborators and photo opportunists!)
  • Fashion Choice of the Year (to counterbalance the Fashion Disasters, this award celebrates the best U2 outfit, accessory, haircut etc that we've seen in 2006!)


Whew, that took some compiling!  I'd like to say another big thank you to all those who contributed their nominations, and congratulations to all the nominees - the community wouldn't be the same without your input. :)

The final vote is now OPEN, but please read this before you start:


1. Please submit your votes HERE to keep them as confidential as possible (all comments will be screened). If you follow the link you'll find a voting form that you can copy & paste into a comment. For each category, simply delete all the nominees except the one you want to vote for. (This is a slightly different procedure from last year, so that you can hopefully fit them into a single comment!)

2. You can only vote for ONE NOMINEE in each category, unless otherwise stated.

3. You don't have to vote in every category, but please try to, otherwise this whole thing is going to fail spectacularly!

4. You CAN vote for yourself if you want to. :)

5. I will be counting the votes NEXT SATURDAY (30th December), so make sure you get yours in by then!

I think that covers everything, but feel free to ask if you've got any queries. Please let's have as good a response as we had last year (I know you're all very busy, but it should only take a couple of minutes to pick your winners!) - the more of you that vote, the more fun and fair the awards will be. So enough of my rambling, GO AND VOTE NOW!! :)
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