M!ke (rockingthemike) wrote in u2,

Some belated thoughts on U218 Singles

Received the deluxe edition for Christmas, and after both listening to the disc and watching the DVD, I'm left with three (rather tongue-in-cheek) comments.

  • Vertigo: Live From Milan was amazing. Why this concert won't be released in full is beyond me. They released two concerts from the Elevation Tour, and while it is an obvious cash-cow attempt on the part of the band and record company, at least in the case of Elevation, it was two totally different format concerts. Boston was the indoor show, Slane was outdoors. Both also had setlists different enough that it did not feel like you were witnessing the same show twice; the same could have been easily done for the Chicago and Milan releases of Vertigo
  • Someone hasn't been doing their fact checking at U2HQ. The boys went to #1 with "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" in the UK; not #3
  • Furthermore, was it really necessary to list the US peak positions, especially when 8 of the 18 singles featured are designated as "Not commerically released"? It would have been sufficient to just have the UK positions, as it is still (?) considered their primary market, and one of three major music markets in the world

    All in all not a bad set. I still stand by the fact that it was a cash grab to release the majority of the songs thar are on the two Best Ofs, but I certainly won't look a gift horse in the mouth if someone wants to give it to me. ;)
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