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U2 LJ Community Awards 2006 - The Award Ceremony!

Your attention please... it is now time for the second U2 LiveJournal Community end-of-year awards ceremony, or "The Edgies" as we're now affectionately calling them!! :)

2006 has been a year of great adventures, grand dramas and big surprises in the world of U2. The Vertigo Tour continued, came to an abrupt halt, continued again, and finally reached its conclusion after two long exhilarating years. An unexpected collaboration with Green Day was swiftly followed by the release of an unexpected singles collection, both of which stirred up some strong and divided opinions amongst the fanbase!  Bono and The Edge continued their respective missions to save the world, and while Adam decided to join the married club, Larry and his mullet decided to go their separate ways. It was a year of looking back fondly, as U2 celebrated an amazing 30 years together with the release of their long awaited autobiography, while the Best Concert Video Evar *finally* came out on DVD. I bet they never imagined, all those years ago, that one day their wild-eyed loudmouth frontman would become Sir Bono Vox of O'Connell Street!

Of course, none of this stuff would be quite the same if we weren't able to share it all with our fellow fans, and that's why this community keeps on growing. You've been voting all week to pick out the events, discussions and LJ members that have made this year a special one for you, so let's find out what the community had to say!


Newbie of the Year
A member who has joined u2 within the last year or so and has wasted no time in making their presence felt!

The nominees were: cabaiste84, inklingfair, lastrega, lydia_petze, marka_start, moonshape and supacatie.

Once again ALL of the nominated newbies received votes, but the community has declared Aussie rules - the winner is lydia_petze!!!

Congratulations to "Lydia", one of several fans from Down Under who've given the community some real sparkle in recent months - nothing like a U2 tour to bring you all out! ;)

The *very* close runner-up was former Song Of The Day poster inklingfair, whilst third place was a tie between another Aussie lastrega and our favourite chibitoonist moonshape!

Veteran of the Year
An established member of the community who's practically part of the furniture!

The nominees were: arcmorality, axver, canadanne and volare.

This one seems strangely familiar from last year...

And the winner is..... canadanne!

I guess that was almost inevitable given that I pop up in about ten times as many threads as the other nominees (I can't help my overenthusiasm, dammit!). I'm not so good at taking compliments these days, but I'm touched to be nominated and flattered that lots of you voted for me, so cheers. :)

The runner-up was volare, perhaps best known for his Flashback Fridays and Wayback Weekends, which ruled!

Website of the Year
Your favourite U2-related website, whether official or unofficial.

The nominees were:,, U2 LJ community, and

This category again seemed to mirror last year's votes!

The winner is..... the u2 community!!!

I don't know what to say that I didn't already say last year - I find it kind of amazing that this simple LJ community keeps thrashing various established and well-respected U2 fansites, some of which even have their own discussion forums. But it's really nice to know that the rest of you seem to enjoy it here as much as I do. I know we've had a few ups and downs (this year in particular!), but mostly things seem to stay pretty friendly and trouble-free, despite the fact we have so many members from all over the world with a whole variety of personalities. I dunno if this sounds a bit sad, but it's honestly a highlight of my daily routine, logging on here to see what stuff you've all been posting!  Keep it up, won't you. :)

(I could have spared myself some energy there and just quoted one of the reasons you gave for nominating this place - "U2 LJ comm, because it's the only place that wasn't stoopid or in a coma during this year". LOL!)

Runner-up for the second year running was (it's been around FOR-EVER and still seems to be a favourite!), while third place this year went to the ever-controversial ("Because it stole my soul")!

LJ Community of the Year
Best U2-related community on LiveJournal.

The nominees were: u2, u2daily, u2dreams, u2icons and u2slash.

Right up until the final day of voting, this was a straight fight between last year's landslide victor u2 and the newly-nominated u2slash. Ooooo!

For a while there it could have gone either way, but ultimately defending its title with a comfortable margin, the winner is u2!!!

Both communities seem to have been very popular this year, though I think it's fair to say this one is probably more people's cup of tea, hence it receiving more than twice the amount of votes in the end. ;)  Each of them were nominated by several members, with u2slash being celebrated for "the return of the fic challenges!", while this one generated such comments as "DUH!!! Our very own U2 community of course!" and "u2, because it is the BEST, with the BEST people!". Amen to that. :)

Concept of the Year
Anything that's captured your imagination within the U2 universe this year.

The nominees were: Adam gets engaged, A Day In The Life Of The Edge, Bono gets a haircut, Larry gets a haircut, Music Rising, Product RED, U2 celebrate their 30th anniversary, U2 collaborate with Green Day, U2 release their autobiography, U2 sweep the board at the Grammy Awards, U2 tour outside Europe/USA, U2 World Cup voiceovers, Willie Williams' tour diary, Window In The Skies video(s), and ZooTV finally released on DVD.

This category surprised me. With so many nominees to choose from, I thought it might be hard for you to pick a winner, but actually one of them won by a landslide!

And the winner is..... A Day In The Life Of The Edge!!!

It was miles clear, with almost three times as many votes as its nearest rival. Which is probably because it was made of awesome. :D  For anyone who missed it, this was a very light-hearted documentary about U2's cosmic guitarist, shakily filmed one day in Florida by none other than his bandmate the LV. And it was absolutely bloody hilarious. From Bono dragging a grumpy Edge out of bed at stupid o'clock in the morning, to the multi-tasking yoga session, to staging a fight with "the Pavarotti" and all the random craziness surrounding that night's concert, you'd have to be a pretty miserable bastard to not even crack a smile at it. Well worth the wait!

Coming in a distant second were two equally long-awaited releases - the U2 By U2 book ("it was about freaking time, and it was awesome, and now I know way more than I did before"), and the ZooTV Live From Sydney DVD. How we luff them both!! :D  Bono's Product RED initiative came third, with nominations remarking that "it was just a damn clever way of tricking people into giving money for the Global Fund" and "the tshirts at GAP are cool"!

Enormous Thread of the Year
Any post in this community that provoked a huge response, whether positive or negative!

The nominees were: ATYCLB or HTDAAB?, Bono's haircut, Final 10 Dates Postponed, I was just wondering if anyone else doesn't like Adam?, Kind of a lot of U2, Should we abandon Song of the Day?, So, what's the point of the new collection?, lyric hunt, U2 to Collaborate with Green Day, What ever possessed the boys...? [Pop/Discotheque] and What one U2 song in your opinion is over-rated?.

Now this one was close!

Scraping in as your favourite hot topic this year was..... Pla's breaking news about Bono having chopped his hair off in April!!!

It certainly was, and still is, a highly controversial subject - that original post attracted 50 comments, with reactions split between "OMG YAY!!!!!" and "OMG NOOOOOO!!!!!", or words to that effect. Count me in the latter group. :/

A single vote behind in second place was rockingthemike's very interesting debate as to what one U2 song is overrated and why... I think that was THE most enormous thread of the year (apart from the file-sharing frenzy last month), with a staggering 80 comments!!  Making up the final podium spot - again with just one less vote - was the extremely memorable post from __claude__ last month, just wondering if anyone else doesn't like Adam. I kind of felt sorry for him when almost 60 people responded to say "No, it's just you!". *g*

Best Looking U2 Member in 2006
Which member of the band had the best look this year?

The nominees were: Adam Clayton, Bono, Larry Mullen Jr and The Edge.

All four band members received multiple votes, and it was hard to predict who was going to come out on top this year!

Making up two places since last year's awards, the winner is..... Bono!!!

Clearly, enough of you loved that new short haircut to declare Mr Hewson your favourite handsome Irishman in 2006!  His nominations included "Bono, cuz that was a good haircut" and "Bono. HE CUT HIS HAIR. It's like Pop all over again."

Bono: Best Looking U2 Member 2006   Bono: Best Looking U2 Member 2006

Interestingly, last year's easy winner The Edge actually came last this time around!  Bono's big rival turned out to be that silver fox Adam ("Although I am a Bono girl, Adam just keeps getting better and better every year"), while Larry-no-mates picked up a few pity votes to come in third. ;p

Best Public Appearance with U2 or a U2 Member
An award for all those lucky stage guests, collaborators and photo opportunists!

This was an extra category suggested during the nomination process, and you came up with a variety of responses:
  • Green Day's awesome collaboration with U2 (Superdome performance / Abbey Road photoshoot!)
  • Anybody who got pulled onstage during the Vertigo tour!
  • The woman at the zoo with the terrifying teeth
  • The fella who played piano on "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" in Honolulu -- his ecstasy is contagious!
Sharing the runner-up spot were the praying mantis on Edge's head during a gig in Brisbane ("too funny!!"), and Kylie Minogue for her duet with Bono in Sydney ("kind of an odd pairing, but cool!").

But the winner is..... Pearl Jam!!!

They made a couple of appearances this year, first with Bono and The Edge for a performance of "Rockin' In The Free World" at the Make Poverty History concert in Melbourne, and then joining U2 for another rendition of that song in Honolulu where they'd opened the show for them. Nice job, guys! :)

Quote of the Year (LJ members)
A quote uttered by a member of this community that was especially profound or hilarious.

The nominees were: aloneinthelight on "the boys", axver on the rare Pride video, thanks4thefish on not wanting to have missed U2, canadanne on Edun ONE spelled backwards, kohls_samurai on the Street Mission TV clip, supacatie on singing "Sunday Ruddy Sunday" as a kid, rockontheedge on why Electrical Storm hasn't been played live, tinamachina on the positive side of the airline ban on hairgel, lastrega on One as a wedding song, and arden_baird on the photo of Bono with female fan.

With so many great choices, this was another category where your votes were spread all over the place!

Just one quote stood clear of the others, and that was..... "Has anybody noticed that Edun ONE spells "Eno nude" backwards? :p" by me!!!

LOL, that was just a random thought that I'd completely forgotten about until one of you nominated it!  I'm really sorry for traumatising some of you by posting that in October. *g*  (wydok's comment "I could have gone my whole life without thinking about Brian Eno nude. :(" still cracks me up!)

Just one vote behind in second place was my personal favourite from tinamachina, which I had expected to win this category hands down: "REJOICE for the Mullen Mullet is GONE! (I guess something good came out of the airline ban on hairgel.)" That is just comedy gold, pure and simple. :D

And right on her heels in third, my other favourite (and the only quote to receive multiple nominations), arden_baird's response to this post: "Who knows, she might have something Bono needs written on her chest. Directions to the nearest pub maybe. Or the words to "One"". Pahahaha - it's the last remark, added almost as an afterthought, that sends me into hysterics!  Poor Bono... it's funny because it's true. ;)

Quote of the Year (the band)
A classic quote uttered by a member of U2 this year.

The nominees were: Bono on Edge being on fire, Bono on Edge's sleeping habits, Bono's first impression of America, Bono on U2's first gig, Bono on being a wanker, Larry's book signing, Bono on Edge's playing, The Edge on U2's early days, Bono on an encounter in New York, Bono on the lost HTDAAB CD, The Edge on exercise, Bono being all about the love, The Edge on drowning, Bono on U2 being hung, Edge thanking Sydney, Larry on U2 breaking up, Larry on bell-bottom flares, Adam on Larry's midriff, and The Edge on trusting Bono.

This, too, ended up with a wide spread of votes, and indeed you couldn't pick a single favourite - we've ended up with a 4-way tie!!!  Here's a reminder of all of them:
  • "I just couldn't get enough of New York. I didn't want to actually go into the hotel because I'd stop seeing it. My black, fake-fur coat, was turning white with snow as a gentleman pulled up beside me in a car and offered to have sex with me. I ran back into the hotel and told everyone what had happened. They looked at me as if to say, 'What do you expect? You're in a fucking fur coat, you pansy!'" ~ Bono
    This was one of many amusing quotes from the new book U2 By U2!  I just got that for Christmas, and I wish I'd got it sooner so that I could have nominated Bono's description "my hair was turning into a cross between a badger and a mollusc". :D

  • "I like to exercise regularly - once, maybe twice every 4 to 8 weeks." ~ The Edge
    This one was taken from the wonderful documentary A Day In The Life Of The Edge, and spoken with perfect deadpan delivery, as indeed was everything in the subsequent "yoga" scene!

  • "So I'm a little concerned. Bono wants me to go and swim out to that boat. And I'm just thinking, I don't know, we've a gig today. It would be a really, really bad thing if I drowned." ~ The Edge
    Another great quote (one of my favourites) from the same documentary, in conversation with a random lifeguard at the beach!

  • "You want me to trust you?" ~ The Edge
    And just to completely dominate the category, yet another A Day In The Life Of The Edge highlight. This was a response to Bono saying "Trust me", and the hilarity comes from the utter skepticism in Edge's voice. *g*
The runner-up quote also came from that documentary, btw!!  It was cameraman Bono's gleeful discovery: "I have proof that Edge sleeps watching the Sci-Fi Channel!" :D

Community Feature of the Year
Any aspect of the u2 community that you've enjoyed, be it a particular discussion/voting feature or something more general!

The nominees were: Kelly's Achtoon Baby supplements, all the polls, the best live performance polls, Pla's music videos, the Showdown Friday polls, Song Of The Day and the U2 LJ Community Awards.

This one was an epic battle... that eventually resulted in a tie!!

Refusing to be separated, we have last year's winner Song Of The Day this time sharing the glory with Kelly Eddington's Achtoon Baby supplements!!!

I really couldn't tell which one would snatch victory, and in the end they both did. :)  Kelly's monthly-ish Achtoon Baby cartoons at have a huge following, and deservedly so - they demonstrate both her amazing artistic talent and her very witty sense of humour!  It's great of her to share some of the original pictures (and explanatory comments) with us here in the U2 LJ community, such as these ones posted earlier in the month. I'd like to say a big thanks to her on behalf of all of us! :)

SOTD, meanwhile, is still going strong in its second year, despite a certain opinion poll that killed off half the posting team in one fell swoop... it's more like "Song Of The Week" or "Song Of The Whenever" now, so I guess it's a compromise at least. ;p  Posters this year included SOTD veterans sirensong984, stay_please and volare, alongside new faces bonoffee, inklingfair and sapphires13. Oh, and I finally caved in and decided to try posting some too!  It's brilliant fun, I'm really loving the challenge and I hope some of you have enjoyed reading them - your comments are the best part, I'd love to see more people contributing their thoughts. :)  I'd also be delighted to see a few of the old posters return in 2007, and of course fresh blood is always welcome (rockingthemike certainly did a great job filling in one weekend!). Thank you so much to everyone who's written such awesome posts about our favourite songs this year - I hope I didn't forget to mention anyone!!

The runner-up, btw, was the U2 LJ Community Awards themselves!  I wasn't sure if there'd be any response at all when I tried this out a year ago, but it turned out brilliantly and was a really nice way to round off the year, which is why I've put myself through this whole mad effort once again!  It made me smile to see the awards nominated "because they're pretty much the best thing since sliced cake (which is better than sliced bread!)". :D

Fashion Choice of the Year
The best U2 outfit, accessory, haircut etc that we've seen in 2006!

This was our other additional category to be suggested (by more than one of you) - I guess it *was* kind of mean to mock the band's fashion mistakes without giving them an opportunity to redeem themselves. ;)  Your favourites included:
  • Adam in black leather, Australian Vertigo Tour dates
  • Bono wearing suits!
  • Larry's long coat at the Q Awards!
  • Edge doing yoga (hey, it's fashionable!)
  • Bono's crap sunglasses [erm... are we sure this is in the right category?!]
  • Adam's black unbuttoned shirt
  • Bono in a purple shirt. Bono should always wear purple shirts.
But somewhat predictably, dominating the votes were the "Improved (though, not really new) short haircuts for Bono and Larry!". The only question was, which one would win?

And the award goes to..... Larry's new haircut ("the end of the mullet!!!")

Mullet RIP

Yes, in 2006 he finally took your oh-so-subtle hints and returned his hair to its former coolness!  Now for god's sake, nobody EVER AGAIN make fun of him for always having the same old hairstyle. ;p

Most Comical Poster
A member of the community who's really made you laugh this year!

The nominees were: achtoonbaby, kohls_samurai (aka lemonphisto), tinamachina, mangoprophetess, zoostation, sapphires13 and trinimacphisto.

This was another one with a fairly even spread of votes, but there's no doubt who the winner is.

And the Edgy goes to..... last year's winner, zoostation!!!

She's tried to avoid the limelight after completely sweeping the board at last year's award ceremony, but you still know that whenever Pla posts something, it's gonna be gold. Whether it's her Larry Mullen Jr facts or her U toons or her genius music videos, mirth is virtually guaranteed. Not to mention all those entertaining userpics she's made! :D

The runner-up was achtoonbaby (Kelly) for her aforementioned @U2 cartoons - I really don't know how she comes up with so many first-rate visual gags on a regular basis. *g*  And in third place was Pla's partner in crime kohls_samurai, aka lemonphisto!

Expert of the Year
A member of the community who's displayed a particularly impressive knowledge of anything U2-related.

The nominees were: arcmorality, axver, canadanne, rockingthemike and volare.

And for the second year in a row, I'm confused to announce that the winner is..... canadanne!!

Er... thanks. *g*  I seriously don't understand why runner-up axver hasn't won this hands down on both occasions - every time he leaves a comment, I'm in awe of the knowledge that flows from his fingers. I was recently reading an article he wrote, and I just can't imagine how one goes about collating such things!  I probably don't have much more general U2 knowledge than the average fan (apart from when it comes to the MacPhisto stuff, I guess!), but if you consider me an expert, who am I to argue. :p

volare came third, having received this nomination: "he appears to know everything about every song, everywhere."

Best Userpic
Your favourite U2-related LJ icon.

The nominees were: Alone by catatonic1242, Blah Blah by dysprosium, Bonoffee by samuti, Boom Cha by zoostation, Cake used by tinamachina, Facepalm by sapphires13, Fuck by sellyoursoul, I Will Sing... by jevoislerouge, Luggage by sapphires13, OMNOMNOM by leelakin, OT4 by larahewson, Scissors by trinimacphisto, Spread 'Em by truecolorsfly, and ZooTV by dysprosium.

Lots of these received multiple votes, and it was extremely close!

And the winner is..... this work of brilliance by leelakin!!!
Icon by leelakin

I'm *so* pleased this won, as it's probably my favourite icon that I've seen all year. :D  It completely cracked me up the first time I saw it (so much so that I even praised it in my journal), and I still giggle every time I look at it. It's partly the comedy font, partly the phrase "Beware of the Bono", partly the composition of images, but mostly the fact I'd never seen the word "OMNOMNOM!" written down before. :D :D :D

Just about squeezed into second place was dysprosium's cheeky Bono icon ("Blah blah blah Africa blah blah poverty blah blah blah One..." *g*), and snapping at their heels in third place was sellyoursoul's animated "FUCK!" icon from the Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses video ("it's mesmerizing..."). We had a great selection to choose from!

Best U2 Icon-Maker
Your favourite creator of U2-related userpics.

The nominees were: acrobaticons (_acrobat_), catatonic1242, giu_hewson, kimus_mwah, larahewson, leelakin, lemonpixel (phistolemon_), macphista, mcklau, zoostation, sapphires13, toasterdog, truecolorsfly (princessjen723) and watercolor_sky / le_fetish (jevoislerouge).

This one was also sooooooo close!!

And the winner is..... for the second year running, zoostation!!!

Her icons just rock, what more can I say. *g*  Pla is the master of the mini-movie, always producing userpics that stand out from the crowd and stick in the memory (scroll up to "Boom Cha" for a typically colourful example). Well done again!!

Runner-up for the second year in a row (and *so* nearly securing a tie) was acrobaticons, while the very talented larahewson came third!

Best Username
U2 community member with the best username.

The nominees were: achtoonbaby, themegs, bad_lemon, bono_rox, dreamoutloud, edgeucated, indiansummersky, la_vation, beautifulsoup, lovepeaceorelse, stay_please, striped_bouncer and youreanidiom.

There was a fresh selection of nominees this year, and nearly all of them received votes.

And it's a tie - the joint winners are achtoonbaby and edgeucated!!!

Kelly picks up another award, this time for the clever wordplay in the title of her cartoon feature!  It seems you guys are fond of the ol' puns ("Edge has been Edgeucating Bono's mind, or something.")

This year's runner-up was one of my favourites, beautifulsoup (a reference to that awesome lyric from A Sort Of Homecoming!).

Band Member of the Year
The member of U2 that you feel deserves a special award this year for whatever reason.

The nominees were: Adam Clayton, Bono, Larry Mullen Jr, The Edge, and the praying mantis at the Brisbane show.

This category is becoming infamous for its comedy nominations, after Larry's mullet managed to snatch joint victory in last year's awards!!  I'm gonna do this one in reverse order. Bono was third, nominated for the Band Member of the Year category because "He's too in-the-world's-face NOT to be!", with his ongoing debt relief efforts and now even a knighthood. The Edge was second, having received a whole bunch of nominations:
~ "The Edge (for Music Rising and general all-around cuteness!)"
~ "Edge for Band Member of the Year for being such a great dad, for his charity efforts for New Orleans, for getting a praying mantis on top of his head, and for doing yoga"
~ "Edge, because of Music Rising"
~ "Edge. He deserves it. Fullstop. Plus he had a preying mantis on his head XD."
~ "band member of the year? edge. enough said!"

Which leaves us with our runaway winner..... the praying mantis at the Brisbane show!!!

OMG - the praying mantis received more votes than the rest of U2 combined ("despite the fact those things terrify me"!). *g*  For those that missed this story, click the link above to read the relevant extract from Willie Williams' tour diary. I actually wondered if I could get away with nominating Willie himself for this category, because his consistently hilarious diary entries rock my world... the praying mantis incident would be amusing enough in itself, but the way Willie phrased it just makes it ten times funnier. "I could see in the camera close up that The Edge had a large green praying mantis sitting on top of his head. He really did – I’m not making this up." I particularly liked the description of how it "crawled forward and had a look down at Edge’s guitar technique", and then the realisation of how potentially disastrous it would be if the thing fell down the back of Edge's neck - I have this mental image of Edge thrashing about in a blind panic while the lads are wetting themselves laughing backstage!!  Honestly, what are the chances of a big green *praying mantis* randomly perching itself on Edge's head in the middle of a U2 show? *g*  I wonder if it's some futuristic/alien method of communication, à la carrier pigeons...

Praying Mantis: Band Member of the Year 2006

Unfortunately the mantis couldn't be here to collect its award, but it did send this video message, in which it says... nothing.

Live Song of the Year
Any song that's been performed live by U2 this year (either on the tour or elsewhere) which has blown you away in its latest incarnation.

The nominees were: Kite, Miss Sarajevo, One Tree Hill, Rockin' In The Free World and Window In The Skies.

All of the nominated songs received multiple votes, with one clear winner and a very close battle for the runner-up spots.

And the winner is..... refusing to settle for last year's third place, Miss Sarajevo!!!

As one member commented, "OK, I'm going by the '05 performance, but still, the opera part...WHOA!". Yep, that about sums it up!  Bono stunned us all last year when he unexpectedly stepped into Pavarotti's shoes to show us what he's really capable of, and it's still not old. Those amazingly powerful vocals send tingles down your spine every time - here's the recent Hawaii performance for you!

With U2 returning to New Zealand this year, everyone was expecting One Tree Hill to make one of its rare appearances, and we weren't disappointed - you voted it your runner-up, while the surprise Aussie show closer Kite (complete with didgeridoo) was a vote behind in third.

Performance of the Year
A *specific* performance of a song this year that sticks in your memory.

The nominees were: Bono & Kylie Minogue's duet of 'Kids', "UJam" at the Make Poverty History concert, Kite at Sydney I, One Tree Hill at Auckland II, U2 & Green Day medley at the Louisiana Superdome, and the Window In The Skies rooftop performance for Japanese TV.

All of these received votes too!

And the winner is..... Rockin' In The Free World by UJam!!!

Look at that, it's another award for Pearl Jam. *g*  Chass in particular has admitted to being obsessed with this energetic performance from the Make Poverty History concert - everything you need to know about it is here in her recent Song Of The Day post!

Your second favourite performance of the year was another band collaboration - this time the surprisingly kickarse U2 & Green Day medley (Wake Me Up When September Ends / House Of The Rising Sun / The Saints Are Coming / Beautiful Day) which reopened the Louisiana Superdome in September. And just behind that in third place was the version of Kite that closed the first Sydney show on 10th November, beautifully described by Elmo on "The reworking of Kite with didgeridoo was inspired, and kill me if I wasn’t nearly in tears with the kite thing. Ok, it sounds corny, but the kite was really magic! Bono tried to set it free by burning the string with his lighter, but when that wasn’t working someone just cut it for him (none the less he appreciated us telling not to give up) and it floated into the air only to be stuck at the top of the screen. And then in a moment where he perhaps gave away more of his powers than he might have wanted, Bono started singing a little song to the kite: “sometimes, we have to wait, for something special to happen,” and lo and behold, the kite moved a little, and then a lot, and then up over the screen and into the night. Bono looked very pleased with himself then. And we were very pleased with Bono." Watch it on YouTube, and I defy you not to be moved!

Concert of the Year
Your favourite U2 show of 2006.

The nominees were: São Paulo (20th February), Santiago (26th February), Buenos Aires (1st March), Brisbane (7th November), Melbourne (19th November), Auckland (25th November), Tokyo (29th November) and Honolulu (9th December).

I kind of had a feeling how this one might turn out. *g*

And the winner is..... Honolulu, Hawaii - 9th December!!!

Much to my amusement, this show was nominated for the award before it had even happened ("that'll be the one today in honolulu/hawaii I'd say :DD")!  It promised to be a very special show, to finally pull down the curtain on a very long and very special tour - Rocko And The Devils and Pearl Jam were on hand to get the party started, while U2's stage guests included Billie Joe Armstrong and a piano-playing fan who literally jumped for joy!  Here's what had to say about it: "The full list of Vertigo Tour dates shows on screen during City of Blinding Lights, ending with "131. Honolulu." The band stops to bring a fan on stage during Angel of Harlem, but the fan wants to play Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses - on piano. So, they do, with U2 struggling to get through the impromptu set list addition. Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong plays and sings on The Saints Are Coming. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready join U2 for Rockin' In The Free World. The show ends with the band embracing their stage crew as they leave the stage one at a time. Larry gets the final word: 'See you soon.'"

Your pick for second place was Auckland II ("Bono dedicates One Tree Hill to the family of Greg Carroll, who are at the show tonight"), just ahead of Brisbane - the first Aussie show since PopMart, and home of the praying mantis!

Fashion Disaster of the Year
The worst crime against fashion committed by a member of U2 in 2006!

The nominees were: Bono's belly, Bono's purple shirt / gold tie / grey pinstripe suit / red shades combo, Bono's filthy looking denim jacket, Bono's "political" jacket, and Larry's mullet again.

This one was a three-way fight whose outcome was hard to predict!

And the award goes to..... Larry's mullet again!!!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. *g*  Despite being crowned Band Member of the Year 2005, the Mullet also memorably blew away all competition when the Fashion Disaster category was introduced last year. And it resurfaced in the 2006 nominations - "it crossed over to this year, so I have to say Larry's mullet again". Sure enough, you hated it enough to award it a second, posthumous title. :D

Just a single vote behind in second place was this, erm, creative ensemble sported by Bono in May - as I commented at the time, "I love how absolutely *nothing* even vaguely matches or complements anything else. :D" And as if that wasn't bad enough, you voted Bono's tour-break belly as the third most unwelcome sight of the year!  I'm just kicking myself for not thinking to nominate his unflattering short haircut...

Post of the Year
A post in this community that was memorably brilliant, moving or funny.

The nominees were: Bono mole by habituatedbeats, Can't Help Falling In Love by bonoffee, If God Will Send His Angels video by sapphires13, Larry Mullen Jr facts by zoostation and kohls_samurai, Pachelbel Meets U2 by chosen5x5, PROOF that U2 are perfect together by jevoislerouge, Seeing U2 in random things... by trinimacphisto, Special ZooTV Song Of The Day by canadanne, Trabant in the school yards by moonshape, and U2 couldn't have existed in Roman Times by mangoprophetess.

This was a fabulous selection of entries, and I'm sure I wasn't the only person who had a really hard time picking a favourite!  But pick a favourite, you did.

And the winner is..... that masterpiece by zoostation and kohls_samurai, Larry Mullen Jr facts!!!

As one member put it: "Completely brilliant and hilarious. Chuck Norris has got NOTHING on Larry." This post was so good, it couldn't be confined to the U2 LJ Community, and resurfaced 7 months later on the @U2 blog after a staff member apparently received it in an email that was doing the rounds!!  I think I've just figured out the one fact that was missing... "Larry Mullen Jr is The Stig." :D

The very worthy runner-up was jevoislerouge's amazing "PROOF that U2 are perfect together" post, relating the band members' personalities to a paper she'd seen on Elizabethan theology - wow!  It was both a really intelligent and beautifully constructed post (no offence to everyone else, like *g*), and absolutely fascinating in how accurate the descriptions seemed to be. I'm so glad you've recognised it with an award!

Meanwhile we had two posts sharing third place - my epic Song Of The Day attempting to put into words how mindblowing the Dirty Day / Bullet / RTSS / Streets sequence on the ZooTV video is (thank you!  I put so much effort into that post, I'm delighted that people read and appreciated it), and the fabulously insane Roman Numerals post by mangoprophetess ("Could U2 have existed in Roman Times? Yes, but they would've been called 7. This theory explains SO much. Including Edge's numbered Elevation shirts.") Total brilliance. *g*

Discussion of the Year
A debate or comment thread in this community that you found enjoyable or thought-provoking.

The nominees were: ATYCLB or HTDAAB?, Favourite U2 song for each letter of the alphabet?, First U2 memory?, Long song titles, Most overrated album, Most overrated song, Most underrated song, Seasonal preferences?, Should we abandon Song of the Day?, Synaesthetic reactions to U2 songs, U2 karaoke, U2 songs at weddings, What U2 songs do you love that tend to get overlooked?, Which U2 song gives you that elevated, euphoric feeling?, Why is it okay for Bono but not Larry? [hair length], and Your essential U2 list.

The votes here were very widely distributed, and we've got another tie on our hands!

In joint first place..... my survey challenging you to pick your favourite U2 song for each letter of the alphabet, and the thread started by supacatie asking if we all remember what our first U2 memory is!!!

I would agree that both of those discussions were very enjoyable, even though the alphabet one was also agony! ;)

The runner-up was that extremely controversial "Should we abandon Song of the Day?" debate - not the fondest of memories for those of us who enjoy the feature, but it certainly got people talking and "stirred things up". Chass responded to it by SOTDing a Britney Spears song (tongue firmly in cheek!), which actually generated more replies than her real song post, disturbingly enough. *g*

Third place went to rockingthemike's huge discussion about overrated songs and whatsername_31's thread about U2 songs at weddings.

Poster of the Year
The overall most popular member of the community, who in some way has helped to make u2 an enjoyable place to be this year.

Still awake, barely?!  It's OK, this is our final award of the evening!

The nominees were: bonoffee, canadanne, inklingfair, lastrega, rockingthemike, zoostation, sapphires13, sirensong984, stay_please and volare.

As with several of the other categories, the votes were shared out among a whole bunch of nominees, so it could have gone to anyone!  It's a shame they couldn't all win, as there are some really great people in that list who all bring something special to the community. There was, however a single winner.

And the Edgy goes to.....
. .
. . .
. . . .
. . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . canadanne!!

D'ohhh, that wasn't supposed to happen! :p  I loved seeing Pla win this award last year, and I had a number of favourites that I had hoped to see as her successor in 2006. I certainly didn't win by much, either, so it only would have taken a couple of extra votes to make the difference!  But I don't want to sound ungrateful, so many thanks for your kind support and nominations ("We'd be a mess without her <3" - not at all true, but very sweet!).

I'm thrilled to say that the lovely bonoffee came second (she was robbed!!) - I love reading everything that Kat posts here, especially her superb array of Song Of The Day entries which expressed the beauty of the songs with an eloquence I can only dream of. In third place was another SOTD poster from 2006, the equally charming inklingfair, and she shares that spot with last year's winner zoostation who brought us the excellent "Showdown Friday" from June to September! :)  But really, one voter summed it up by commenting "I'll pass on this one -- all the nominees are megaspiffy!"

And that's your lot for another year. :D  Thank you once again to everyone who submitted nominations, took part in the vote, and contributed in any way to making this community such a brilliant place to hang out!  If any of the winners and/or runners-up are interested in having a personalised banner made up for your profiles, I think le_fetish expressed an interest in helping out with that (or if it's no longer convenient, maybe someone else would like to volunteer).

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, and may 2007 be just as much fun! :)
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