Caitlin (stay_please) wrote in u2,

Weekend Wrangle

As I've lost my inspiration to write up Song of the Days (though I do have two in mind), I wanted to up my community involvement this year. I started off last year with oodles of SotDs, and my posting quickly wavered. So, I've come up with an idea for a weekly discussion.

I already have a few ideas for topics, but basically they're supposed to incite discussions, or dare I say... arguments? But everyone has to play nice, or I'll quickly put this idea away. That would not make for a very happy stay_please, so be civil to your neighbor.

Of course, in any fandom community, there are multiple, lengthy threads of "bests" and "worsts". Albums, songs, and lyrics are the important topics for music communities such as ours. So, I'm starting off with a "best"...

You're stranded on a desert island, of course! And you can bring with you one U2 SINGLE. Not an album, and for argument's sake, you have no albums. Which SINGLE would you bring?

For a listing of U2 singles, visit
NOTE: please don't argue with me about the error, or incompleteness of this site, just use it or don't!

Now, wrangle!
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