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U2-inspired artwork

When I was 13, I remember creating a HUGE life sized poster of the boy from War. It was a fantastic piece of artwork. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to send it to Much Music's "RSVP" request hour. I swear, they never played my U2 request, even with the elaborate artwork I sent them. What a waste of effort. :P

Luckily, I learned my lesson and saved the rest of any U2-inspired art I created.

I remember for a grade 9 art class, drawing a portrait of Bono. When Zooropa came out, I challenged myself and recreated the back cover of the album with pencil crayon.

For another grade 9 art class project, we had to take an album cover and recreate it in the style of a famous artist. I chose the cover of Rattle & Hum, and decided to draw it in the style of Van Gogh. What was really coincidental was, our art teacher handed out a few photocopied examples of previous student's work, comparing them to the original. And one of the albums that a previous student did was The Unforgettable Fire! Nice taste. ;)

Most of my old U2 photos, postcards and artwork is left at the back of my closet wall, hiding behind my hanging clothes. But I thought I would share it with you... to add to the community. And perhaps some of you have some artwork you could share as well. :)

Click each picture to enlarge

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