Beowulf Jones (beowulfjones) wrote in u2,
Beowulf Jones

Found pictures from U2's (ZooTV-era) appearance in Vogue!

The headline says it all. Well, almost -- I've found 'em AND I wanna share!

(click for larger pictures)

There's an interview with the band that's supposed to go along with this set -- and possibly a few more pictures, too -- but these were all I could dredge up.

So here's the story: I'd come across the picture of Bono, in full Fly form, crouching around Christy Turlington's legs after having doodled a picture of himself (with the caption "Never trust a cowboy" -- the same goes for monkeys) on her back. I said to m'self, "Self, you should research this amusing photograph on the googlemachine to see if there exist any further images from this shoot!"

And so I did, much to the delight of fans of The Edge and of fluorescent lighting around the world. Hopefully.

In all honesty and minimal oddness, though, it's actually quite the photo shoot: Bono's in full Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, Christy? mode; Christy's in full These were Supermodel Shades Back When You Had a Mullet, Bono! mode; and The Edge? The Edge has awesome pants. I love The Edge and his taste in pants.

Have a lovely day, everyone!
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