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Simple yet interesting

I'm sitting in Mass today and our deacon is giving his homily. This is the point where I typically zone out completely, but somehow I was brought back to earth by his mentioning "Boh-no, from the band U2." He went on to say that he was quoted recently as saying (forgive me if this isn't completely accurate), "If you wish to see God, look to the poor." I thought I heard that quote a much longer time ago, but maybe I'm wrong? Time is kind of irrelevant to me lately. And then in the car not even an hour later, Two Hearts Beat As One came on the radio, yay!!

Anybody else ever happen to catch a mere mention of the band in a sermon? What made this even funnier and more amazing is that I'm trying to start coming back to church after a long hiatus, so to come back to something like this made my night. :)
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