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Tomorrow is Australia Day (or as I like to call it..."Happy we stole your land and killed your people day" ala Buffy). Anyway, so one of the music channels (Music Max) is playing "100 greatest songs to BBQ to", because you know all us Australians do is drink beer and BBQ things. I have a point, I'm getting to it...apparently U2 are on said list. My brother and I spent 20 minutes thinking what song could possibly be on the countdown. I'd understand if it was "Let it Snow" because they could play New Years Day...BUT BBQ?!!!!

We (my brother and I) came up with various ideas. Mostly along the lines to replacing lyrics in songs with the word grill. ie. "She grills in Mysterious Ways." or meats "Even better than the veal thing".

Does anyone have any thought as to what U2 song you could BBQ to? A song that makes you really feel like grilling a couple of steaks? Because, lord help me, I have no idea what song they could put on it.
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