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I have to say, I'm glad Brighthouse loves U2.

At least enough to play Vertigo Chicago 2005 over HD Net. It's sad, I know, but I don't own this concert yet, (just have not had a chance to purchase it, and or the funds when I have had the chance.), I plan on rectifying that soon, however, I must say that the only issue with the HD.Net presentation of it was the little holographic HD.Net symbol off to the bottom right of the screen. The sound was Dolby Digital though, and upon recollection from seeing it when my friend brought over his copy of the DVD, the sound seemed at least pretty close to how it was on the DVD, and graphically, it seemed it was almost better than on the DVD. Regardless, since my HD machine is a DVR, I've got that saved until the machine dies, or until I finally am able to get a copy of the DVD. Just thought I'd share.
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