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Made the move to HD

So today I invested in a HD-DVD Player. Yes it was alot of money but its so worth it....last week i bought a dvd player that upconvered everything but in the end it was such an awful player i had to return it.

So I really got a good deal.
-one HD-DVD Player (with a $50 gift card since it was an open box value)
-With the gift card I bought Smallville Season 5 in HD - I will give a review when i watch the season but i did take a look and wow!
-Mail in the UPC and stuff like that I get 3 free HD-DVDS. From a list of 15

(* I own alrady)
Four Brothers
*Tomb Raider
Sky Captain and the world of Tomrrow
U2 Rattle and Hum
We Were Soldiers
Blazing Saddles
Dukes of Hazzard
*Perfect Storm
The Rundown
Chronicals of Riddick
*Apollo 13

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