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this is getting weird...

9:50pm I get a phone call from my mum. I panicked, at that time of night it must be bad news. Instead Mum says "listen!!" and so I listen.......

"I can hear it, its Edge's guitar from 'I Will Follow!!' " heheehhe......Foxtel is re-showing the Boston thing, and my mum rung to tell me she had stumbled upon it. hehehe...

Its funny that, how people feel the need to tell me when they see or hear any U2. Yesterday Deb was telling me how they were at friends on the weekend and just as they were about to leave, the friends put on U2. And on the weekend, I got an SMS from a friend to tell me that the club they were at played U2. Its as if I was U2's own personal "watch how often U2 is being played in the big bad world" person.

Oh well, at least I know my family and friends will think of me at some point in time in their lives......

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