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February 18th, 2007

Weekend Wrangle Follow-Up @ 12:36 am

I'm currently hearin: Broken Promises for Broken Hearts - She Wants Revenge

Alrighty... in reviewing previous Weekend Wrangles, I felt the need to update on some conclusions we've come to...

Firstly, I did a poll on best cover art.
Achtung Baby was the winner, far and away, with 57 votes.
The Joshua Tree came in second, with 19 votes.
All That You Can't Leave Behind pulled in third, with 17 votes.

Poor October, Passengers, and Under a Blood Red Sky got nary a vote.

Live - Upgrade or Downgrade?
You'll remember, over consecutive weekends I asked you how live versions affected songs - whether they should never have been played live, or if they put the studio track to shame. We had some great critical disagreement, if you compare the two threads.

These songs were mentioned in BOTH threads:
Bullet The Blue Sky (Popmart version) (yes, you got that specific)
Stuck In A Moment...

Of course "Streets" got much praise in the 'keep it live!' thread, but someone made the argument that The Joshua Tree album is entirely overplayed in the 'never again!' thread.
Someone else praised all live versions of "The Fly", and yet another disliked just the Vertigo tour version.

Keep on wrangling.

... and I feel like I need a lasso, with the word "wrangling" in my vocabulary now. ;)
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Date:February 18th, 2007 05:15 pm (UTC)

I like these Weekend Wrangles, even if I hardly participate. It's great fun to read through. :)

U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!