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Hello Hello!!

February 21st, 2007

Boy album sounds @ 07:37 pm

So, I've done some research for the sounds for the Boy album, and just finished the first 5 tracks. It's for wikipedia.

I'm doing this to make a ''sound and structure'' part for the Boy album on Wikipedia. I'm desperate for your opinions, because this has to be objective as possible. Maybe you can ad some sounds too.
I think it's a good idea to post 5 tracks instead of the whole album. Otherwise it's too much I think to discuss.

I Will Follow:
- optimistic
- agressive
- boisterous
- lively
- searching (your eyes make your circles etc. part)
- intimate (also the your eyes make your circles etc. part)
- raucous
- energetic
- catchy

- bragging
- poignant
- releasing (boy meets man in the shadows etc. part)
- dark
- weird (my opinion)
- violent
- noisy
- raw
- lamenting

An Cat Dubh:
- gloomy
- mendacious (shady, though mendacious is better for this song)
- sensory

Into the Heart:
- dreamy
- searching
- gentle
- ardent (after the gentle intro, the Into the heeeaart, into the heeeaaart etc. part)
- shimmering
- gloaming

Out of Control:
- happy
- lively
- energetic
- catchy
- boisterous
- self-confident
- it has a 'dreamy' part
- stimulating
- whispering (part)

So, what do you think?
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Date:February 21st, 2007 07:40 pm (UTC)
I think… I feel like it’s (the whole album's sound) is
(of what has been mentioned)

and also ambitious...

U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!