Princess Strokenham (fiveandfour) wrote in u2,
Princess Strokenham

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "Definitive 200"

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has published a list of what they consider the "Definitive 200" albums a rock and roll fan needs to complete his or her collection.

The Joshua Tree made #5 on the list.

The shocker for me was that Achtung Baby didn't appear until #45. 45? Really?

Of course, part of the purpose of lists like these, beyond making a statement about what should be considered the essence of a genre, is to spark debate. Personally, I'd have to debate the wisdom of placing anything by Eminem higher than Achtung Baby, no matter how good Eminem might be.

But I guess since it's not *my* "Definitive 200", I should just let that go...yeah, I'll try to get started on that just as soon as I finish locating and smashing up a copy of the Marshall Mathers LP.

P.S. Speaking of The Joshua Tree, anyone from the UK who didn't catch this over at might be interested in voting on their favorite track from the album.
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