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War-era concert from the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, 5/6/83

In addition to this U2 show, Wolfgang's Vault has a ton of concerts from other bands up that you can listen to over the internet. One of their newest additions is this 5/6/83 show in Boston. 18 tracks, just under an hour and a half long. It's also currently tied for the top-rated concert on the site.


Out Of Control (4:31)
Twilight (4:59)
An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart (7:06)
Surrender (4:59)
Two Hearts Beat As One (5:30)
Seconds (3:05)
Sunday Bloody Sunday (5:27)
Cry/The Electric Co. (5:55)
I Fall Down (3:53)
October (2:06)
New Year's Day (4:58)
Gloria (4:41)
I Threw A Brick Through A Window (3:46)
A Day Without Me (4:08)
Party Girl (3:10)
11 O'Clock Tick Tock (4:47)
I Will Follow (6:15)
40 (4:52)

It's a chance to listen to an early U2 show with no strings attached aside from creating a free account there. I can't tell you how much spam you may or may not receive, though. ;-) It does say they'll e-mail you weekly updates with new concert additions. I just registered and the audio sounds fine. There is also a forum post that mentions them offering downloads for purchase in April. Check it out - I think they get it when it comes to DRM and freedom of choice when it comes to buying digital music and being able to listen to it on whatever you want.
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