kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,

Kat's Question: JT!

Okay, this week's question is a bit vague but I'm afraid my dissertation has taken over my life! Anyway, this month (in fact this week, if I am not mistaken) is the 20th anniversary of the release of The Joshua Tree, and basically what I wanted to know was this...

What does The Joshua Tree mean to you?

Told you it was vague! But really, we should commemorate this wonderful album by giving it some praise. Of course you might not like the album, in which case you're clearly insane. ;) Seriously, though, I'm interested to know what your fave track is, which song means the most to you, why you think it's been so successful, whether you think it'll still be a classic in another 20 years, which band member really shines on the record... Anything and everything, just say what you want!

You might know I'm a 90s U2 girl first and foremost but I don't discriminate - I love all eras and JT is no exception. The widescreen, landscape sound created on that album is exquisite, unique and inspired and it's definitely one of the best albums ever released, I think. Streets, Still Haven't Found, WOWY, Exit, Bullet The Blue Sky... the tracklist is just sublime. About time they remastered it and re-released it though, cause my copy has quiet sound and it bugs me, I have to turn it up really loud!

Over to youuuuuuuuuuuuu.
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