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Top 200 songs that matter (another radio list)

This came from the atU2 yahoo group. Also ignore the fact that any Blink 182 song ranks higher than even one U2 song. And why is Elevation #195!!! ACK!!! I demand a recount!! hehe!! Otherwise the list is cool!



Philadelphia radio station Y100 has drawn up its list of the Top 200 Songs That Matter. No details given about who dreamed up the list and what they mean by a song that "matters," but U2 is included no fewer than 11 times in the list, including "Where the Streets Have No Name" at No. 7 and "Beautiful Day" at No. 22. Use the link below to see the full list, and try to ignore the fact that Linkin Park got more songs listed (3) than Bob Marley (2).
(Thanks Harold.)

Top 200 songs that matter

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    If anybody out there is looking for somewhere to chat about U2 now the @U2 forum is gone... this place still exists. :p

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