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has this ever happened to anyone?

In the time I've been home since finishing school, I've found an interesting pattern when I drive that never fails to put a smile on my face :-). Just about everytime I use the car: for an errand, a long drive, an escape, anything, the radio station I listen to (102.1 The Edge no less) I happen to catch Streets. There is no explanation but no matter what my current mood was, I just grin and sing as loud as I can. If it is a deserted road I'm on, well I pick up a little speed ;-). I never realized just what a great driving song that is. I understand now why a car company wanted it for commercials and I'm so glad that they didn't get it. I drive more often b/c of that song. Anyone here have a similar experience? It must be some sort of sign :-D!

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