devourer of nations (or whatever's in your fridge) (spicedrum) wrote in u2,
devourer of nations (or whatever's in your fridge)

U2 photo auction for African Well Fund ending soon

About half of the photo auctions are still running in the African Well Fund Build A Well For Bono's Birthday drive. They're set to end in one minute increments over the next almost-hour, so if you want to get in a last minute bid, head on over and get your bid in quick!

Or if you want to donate and not get caught up in the ebay frenzy, I'm pretty sure AWF is happy to take "regular" donations. =)

ETA: The auction's over and it raised lots of money. As one of the people who donated photos, I personally want to say thanks to everybody who placed a bid. You're all awesome!

And as a WARNING, I have heard that apparently there are people out there sending fraudulent emails to losing bidders, falsely claiming to be from AWF and notifying the losing bidders that they are now the default winner of the auction, all in hopes of collecting money.

I'm never surprised at how despicable some people can be, but it always makes me sad.

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