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May Achtoon

Hi everybody--new cartoon is here. They're in 3D OMG!

I started with wads of aluminum foil, which I twisted and compressed until they vaguely resembled the main forms of my guys, and then I filled in the details with Sculpey (an awesome colored modeling clay that is kind of expensive but will do whatever you say). Tools: fingernails, toothpick. Each fist-sized figure took about an hour, the accessories including the Fischer-Price pedal board took an hour, the photo shoot took an hour, and the photo manipulations and text-adding took about five hours.

Hey, how'd it get to be Monday night all of a sudden?

Lemon provides sense of scale. :D

Edge's setup took way too long to put together (long boring story).

Happy with the way this one turned out. I went to an optical illusion page on the internet and printed out images to use as backgrounds. As you can see, I need to buy more ink.

Favorite Bono.

Except for this one. :)

PS I can't comment until later today. My school filters LJ and all blogs.
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