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Band recording in Morocco.

So. U2 are recording. In Morocco.

This we find out thanks to a bit of a political blurb about Bono's approval of Congress's decision to spend an additional $30 billion fighting AIDS in Africa. What's important is this bit:

"Bono said in a telephone interview from Fez, Morocco, where he’s recording with his band, U2."

This is exciting for me, because I think the band works better when they're out of their home element. I don't want them getting too comfortable ;P I rather prefer them on their toes a little. Plus it looks like they deliberately hauled themselves off to Morocco to record, which probably means Bono will stay put and focus himself more.

Of course, with the U2-mindset, Morocco = Mysterious Ways. I don't necessarily want a new album full of Mysterious Wayses, but I do hope the band pick up some kind of new groove while they're there =)

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