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My answers to the U2 survey

Most underrated U2 song: So Cruel!! I hardly hear about it and I would just love to hear them play the entire song live.
Most overrated U2 song: With or without you. I love that song but...
Most underrated U2 album: Zooropa. I didn't like it in the beginning but it really grew on me
Most overrated U2 album: ATYCLB..ok I looove this album but I had to put something here so I guess this one would be it.?
First U2 song you ever heard: I Will Follow. I distinctly remember the DJ talking about a song from a new band called U2 :-) But I didn't absolutely fall in love with them until around 5 years later (why? who knows)
First U2 song you heard and loved: The live version of Bad! I heard it several times and, at first thought it was very boring. But one day I actually sat and listened to the song with more intensity and was completely in awe at the emotions I fetl from the song. And then seeing them perform it on Live Aid was the clincher.
All-time favourite U2 song: Bad! see above!!
All-time favourite U2 album: JT because it reminds of the first time I saw U2 live (eeeekk! so exciting!!)
U2 albums you haven't got (yet): I've got them all!!
Least favourite U2 era: POP!! sorry! Although I still enjoyed some of the shows

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