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Hay guys!
This is Laura, co-creator and former moderator of ReWired, if you remember those days (OMG HI NICKY!!!!). It seems like ancient history. ReWired is all but dead, as is Wire. This is the best I could do as far as tracking down the highest, and most active concentration of U2 fans on da intarwebz. I'm not really into the band these days. I still listen to War or Achtung Baby every now and then for old times' sake, and I'm hanging onto my copy of Salome. But I'm getting rid of all my extraneous merch, which I may or may not be hawking here later on, depending on how you guys feel about that. However, selling things online also happens to be kind of a pain in the ass, so I'm putting it off until later. But in the meantime, I have a pile of approximately 22 bootlegs sitting on my desk. They need a loving home. I'm not selling them, but since I'm flat broke, I'm gonna have to ask for $5 to cover domestic shipping costs, money order please. In case you were wondering, that's for ALL of them. I'm not gonna divvy these up, although if you would like to redistribute them once you have them, feel free (just don't sell them). All of them are burned, some have pretty album art and printed labels, some don't.
Here's the list:

Songs Without A Home And On TV
Playin' The Daltons: The Definitive Acoustic Collection
Mango: Remixes for Propaganda
The Lost Broadcasts Vol. II: October 30, 1981 and August 23, 1981
Zoobie Mix 1
Happy Xmas - Live @ Point Depot 12/26/89
Paddies Out Of Control
1982 UK Tour - 12/6/82, Hammersmith Palais, London, England
Red Rocks - The Complete Concert
Remixes of Discotheque, SATS, EBTTRT
Rattle & Hum Video CDI
Old School - Dallas, TX 4/3/01
More Melon
Faraway, So Close - Wembley Stadium, London, England
Rock's Hottest Ticket - Chicago 1987
Sidney in Flames
Outside Broadcast
Jesus Was a Cool Guy
Astrodome - ZooTV

So Who's interested?
edit;I've yet to devise a system for determining who, of those interested, gets the prize, I'm just testing the waters. I'll probably just pick someone randomly. Oh, and I'm also throwing in the following audio cassette tapes:

Achtung Baby: The Working Tapes
Zooropa 8/28/93 Dublin
Unplugged & More
Dublin 1993
All I Want Is U2 - Rotterdam Sport Palais Ahoy
Sao Paolo, Brazil
The Cork Connection
Muchas Gracias, Mexico 3/12/1997
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