kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,

Question time...

I missed the usual day for my question this week, because I was graduating and/or panicking about graduating. So, belated but no less important, here is this week's little discussion topic! It's probably no surprise, if you consider what the last three questions have been...

What is your favourite Adam bassline?

I'm hoping the term 'bassline' covers all Adam-bass-musical stuff, since I am hopeless with terms of a technical nature. I tend to use the word 'thingy' or sometimes 'stuff' which is of no use to anyone. ;)

Anyway, it's Adam this week, so go nuts. There are a few glaringly obvious choices, which are fine, and if you think of something more unusual, that's cool, too! Anything, basically. I like these topics because people always think of songs I've forgotten, and then I go 'oh yeah!' and have to go and listen to them. Hee!

I'm only picking one, myself, this time, since on the Bono topic I went a bit list-crazy. I love Adam in Vertigo. He carries that song, it's awesome. Much love for that one!

Okay, over to you!
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