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Fez travel tips


This cartoon is Bonocentric, to be sure. He's just so much more expressive than the others in press photos, let's face it, and you've got to think if somebody in the band were facing a travel crisis, it would be him. Since the backgrounds take up a big chunk of these paintings, I had to make the faces tiny, and that made them extra hard to paint. Bono's face here is about the size of my thumbnail, for example. Not one of my better Edges, unfortunately, but he's OK. The photo I worked with for Edge did not have hands, so I had to use my own. So hi Edge, nice hands ya got there. :)

Holy crap that tannery took me hours to paint! Adam was a breeze. I guess a person *would* be a lot easier to paint when you don't have to do the nose and mouth, though.

The many moods of Bono continue. I call this mood "charming spoiled Irish rockstar."

I had the worst possible photo of Larry to work with for this one. Washed out, no detail when I enlarged it, *watermarked,* and again I had to paint him very small. Eh, it's OK. I'm way more into the background here. Larry gets my favorite line in the cartoon.

Aww. Wide-eyed naivete and optimism. About to be trampled by a donkey.

Hooo baby this background was INSANE! I had a blast with this one, especially the Bono Of Pure Outrage And Disbelief. Finally, a use for all those press photos where he's got his mouth wide open!

Thanks a lot, everyone, for all your kind words for my previous cartoons. It's so nice to get feedback! <3
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