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I was gonna leave this as a comment to m origina post but I decided to post here.

I was just thinking. a lot of people say they like Achtung Baby better because it was a breakthrough musically and stuff. I just wantto share some random thoughts around this...

*I agree that it was a musical breakthrough in a lot of ways. but I've always been bigger on just the feeling in general it gives. whether or not joshua is breakthrough musically I don't know but the musical just sound is the most important thing to me (more important than lyrics or trying news things) and to me the *sound*, the meodies, everything about the Joshua Tree is just the best ever. There is NOTHING that compares to it to me- nothing. I absolutely love every song on that album. That's why I personally thin it's jus the best thing ever.

another thing..

*when I first heard Achtung Baby I was a bit freaked out by it. my first album was the best of. then a few months later I got UF, JT, and AB on the same day. I fell in love with JT right away, I liked UF, but AB freaked me out. I listened to it a few times more and eventually grew to like it (it' now my second favorite). anyways that brings me to my next point....

*everything always says what a different sound AB is. and overall yes it is. but when you listen to all the different parts you can (well I can anyways) point out all the distinct u2ey sounds in there. they've just mixedmixed togetherin this totally different way that makes everythin sound different. I'm sure I'm not the only one who notices this but I've never seen anyone mention it so I though I'd just bring it up.

that is all.

oh just a side note... my fav albums:
#1 Joshua Tree
#2 Achtung Baby
#3 Zooropa

~melissa :)

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