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Song Of The Day

Sorry I've been slacking on SOTD lately... I started one but haven't found the time to finish it yet, as I've been busy working on another project. And I've been elsewhere today so it still isn't done. Here's a quickie instead:

With Or Without You (Bono Vox Mix)

I have no idea who created this remix, where it's from, or whether that is indeed its correct title. Maybe someone could enlighten me if they recognise it. It's just a random club mix that somebody sent me a while back, and I really like it. The typical thumping beat of the intro doesn't seem very promising, but it sounds nice once the bassline and other familiar bits start drifting into the mix. And I like the subtle things they do with Bono's vocals, instead of just speeding them up and making them sound silly like some remixes do. I'm not sure what else to say about it, I just think it's a pretty good effort and I thought some of you might appreciate it too.

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