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U2 play count fun

Ok guys, I've been meaning to do this survey for quite a while, I dunno if it's been done before, but I thought it would be fun to see what everyone's top 10 most played U2 songs are on their iTunes and iPods. You could do a top 5, 10, 20, whatever you feel like.


Do You Feel Loved 3
One Tree Hill 3
Gone 3
Zoo Station 3
She's Gonna Blow Your House Down (acoustic) 3
Peace on Earth 3
Mysterious Ways 2
Flower Child 2
Please (single version) 2
Walk On (Elevation Staples Center 11/19/01 2


Window In The Skies 64
Beautiful Day 16
Original of the Species 16
All Because of You (Alternate) 15
Crumbs From Your Table 15
All Because of You 14
Yaweh (Alternate Version) 13
Sometimes You Can't Make It... 13
Mysterious Ways 12
Vertigo 12
Miracle Drug 12
Last Night On Earth 12

I confess I thought my results would be more varied, lol. And Apparently I listen to the iPod alot more than the iTunes.
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